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Elasticsearch Training

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Elasticsearch is a distributed search and analysis engine built on Apache Lucene. Since its 2010 launch, Elasticsearch has quickly become the most popular search engine and is widely used for log analytics, full-text search, security intelligence, business analytics and operational intelligence use cases.

This course aims to provide a solid foundation in search and information gathering. Starting with basic concepts, the course covers best practices, key features and distributed search application development with Elasticsearch.

By the end of the course, you will have a detailed understanding of how Elasticsearch works, be able to reliably analyze, understand and solve common problems, and be ready to develop cutting-edge search applications.

About Education

  • What is Elasticsearch
  • Basic Installations (docker-compose)
  • Transactions with Elasticsearch
  • Elastic Stack Common Terms and Things to Know
    1. Cat and Cluster API
    2. Adding Node
    3. File Structure
    4. Operations with Index and Document
    5. Mapping (Schema) Creation
    6. Replication Group, Read and Write Operations
    7. Optimistic Concurrency Control
    8. Using Bulk Api
    9. Using the curl Command
    10. Inverted Index
    11. Text Analyze-1
    12. Text Analyze-2
    13. Search Operations Login
    14. DSL Query
    15. Match Query, Term Query and Analyzing Search Results
    16. Pagination
    17. Sorting
    18. ID Filtering, Wildcard and Prefix Usage
    19. Fuzzy Query
    20. Aggregations (Avg,Min,Max)
    21. Aggregations (Sum)
    22. Aggregations (Stats)
    23. Aggregations (Question)
    24. Elasticsearch SQL-1
    25. Elasticsearch SQL-2


  • Transactions with Kibana
    1. Kibana Theoretical
    2. Operations with Sample Flight Data – 1
    3. Operations with Sample Flight Data – 2
    4. Operations with Shakespeare Dataset-1
    5. Operations with Shakespeare Dataset-2

Who Should Receive the Training?

Developers who want to develop real-time search solutions and analytical solutions can participate.

Plan this training institutionally!

This training can be planned in different durations and content specific to your organization. Please contact us for detailed rich content and planning to realize your training objectives.

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