Online: Public Speaking & Effective Speech & Presentation Training


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Online: Public Speaking & Effective Speech & Presentation Training

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Sevinç Satiroglu
5 days (10 hours)
50 people



Making speeches and presentations that impact communities
Expressing yourself and your brand correctly
Using the voice effectively
Beginning to overcome the excitement of performing and public speaking
Discovering your own story and becoming a storyteller
Creating your own effective image through speaking
– In the training, a special “Speech Scientific Analysis” will be made and reported for each participant.

Training Hours: Monday-Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday / 19:00 – 21:00

Course Program

Module 1: What to Explain?
Discovering Your Story / Speech Math / Storytelling
Module 2: How to Explain?
Using Voice Effectively / Diction / Practical Speech Solutions
/ Speech and Oratory Techniques / Overcoming Stage Excitement
Module 3: Who will you tell? – Effects of Speech
Secrets of Delivering Speeches that Influence Audiences / Building Image/Brand with Speeches


– Gaining speech awareness
– Communicating with the Self and Discovering the Story
– Finding and Using Your Own True and Effective Voice
– Exercises to Overcome Excitement
– Exercises for Speaking on Stage
– Diction
– Phonetics
– Articulation
– Stage Presentations
– Creating the Right Presentation Identity
– Speech Mathematics
– Neuro-speech
– Solving Speech Problems
– How to Become a TED Speaker?
– Techniques for Preparing Your Personalized Presentation
– Stages of Expressing Your Opinion Correctly
– Oratory Techniques
– Scene Utilization
– Body Posture and Effective Use on Stage
– Secrets of Effective Speakers and Developing Techniques Tailored to You


At the end of the online training, you will receive a certificate of participation from Kolektif Academy.

Prerequisites & Requirements

Those who wish to participate in the training should contact Sevinç Satiroglu for a phone interview.
is determined. In this interview, a “Preliminary Speech Analysis” is conducted.

Who is Sevinc Satiroglu?

He graduated from Anadolu University – Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences – Economics and Anadolu University – Turkish Language and Literature.
In order to become an expert reporter, he conducted research on Political Science and International Relations – European Union Political Systems Law at Istanbul University and Boğaziçi University.

She completed Dialogue Narration Communication, Announcer-Spokesperson Training. She received voice training from opera singer Çağnur Gürsan. As the culmination of their training, they made a half-hour taping with İsmail Cem, former Minister of Foreign Affairs.

She took her first step into the media in 2003 as a trainee reporter at Cnbc-e.
32 in 2005. He was a member of the production staff of the Gün program, and then he prepared the “Farkında Mısınız?” program at Cnn Türk news center. The rest of the time he worked as a reporter.
Between 2006-2012, he worked as a reporter and news anchor at Kanal 24.
He covered a wide range of political, social and economic news from the Prime Ministry correspondent to special news, from police and courthouse news to environmental news. Live broadcasts of international conferences and summits such as the World Economic Forum and hot news from the scene.
In 2008, he traveled around Turkey and prepared and presented the news-travel program “Seyir Defteri”, which was broadcast live. He was awarded the International Environmental Press Awards in 2008-2009 and 2010 for his environmental news.
Between 2007 and 2012, he worked as a news anchor for world news, hourly news and morning news.
In October 2012, he was transferred to Habertürk TV. He made live broadcasts and special reports on Habertürk television. After the evening and night news, he presented the morning shows Gün Doğarken and Gün Başlıyor as a TV Anchor.

Sevinç Satiroglu, who is currently a presenter, trainer and consultant with her own brands, also continues her academic career. Since 2014, Sevinç Satatroğlu has been giving lectures on Live Broadcasting in Media, News Language, Media Ethics and Speaking Techniques at many universities in Turkey and is currently a lecturer at Istanbul Aydın University, Faculty of Communication.

Who Should Participate?

– Those who want to make effective public speeches
– Keynote speaker candidates who want to give inspiring speeches
– Entrepreneurs who want to pitch their idea to communities and investors
– Brand builders who want to promote their brand and express their ideas correctly
– Business presenters in corporate life
– Those who want to improve their dialog within the organization
– Those who get excited when speaking in public
– Those who want to express themselves correctly
And of course… How to obey those who say “Go talk to someone…” and how to open your feelings to the other person
those who don’t know

What is Master Of Talk?

MASTER OF TALK registered “Public Speaking and Effective Presentation” training and
Presentation/Stage/Speaker Coaching has been developed by Sevinç Satiroglu after years of experience
developed by researching scientific content approved by academic institutions and has 20 years of professional
is based on a “special training methodology” to which he adds his experience.
Sevinç Satiroglu’s MASTER OF TALK methodology is academically approved and Sevinç
It is taught by Satıroğlu in universities as part of the “Speaking Techniques” course.
Adaptation to Daily Life ● Being Applicable ● Being Permanent.
Many trainings are forgotten after they have been received and may remain memorized instead of being adapted to everyday life.
In the Master of Talk program, “methodologies applied individually” are used to improve what the person learns.
the knowledge learned and the skills uncovered can now be applied in daily life.
is intended to be permanent as a characteristic of the person. Therefore, the participant’s training
It is important to regularly follow the methodology given in the program.


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